CITACA has a strategic nature within its geographical and socio-economic context. The province is a pioneer in the development of the agro-industry in Galicia with environmental conflicts arising from the intensification of livestock and its impact affected by the pollution of its groundwater

A sign of this is the interest noted by support letters from the The Rivers Minho and Sil Water Authority and from the INORDE (which belongs to the Deputación of Ourense), whose concern by the cluster’s objectives has been shown in the participation of both institutions in a LIFE project (Rexenera Limia), now finished, which was on the topic of making the livestock activity of the area suitable with the water quality.

CITACA contributes to the achievement of the projects given according to different challenges and priorities established in the Smart Specialisation Strategy in Galicia RIS3, especially with the challenge of “Innovative Management of Natural and Cultural Resources” on its priority “Primary sectors modernisation” and with the challenge “New Healthy Livestyle Model” on its priority “Healthy and Safe Food”.

It should also be noted that the cluster’s objectives directly match the given guidelines in the draft of the document
Spanish Circular Economy Strategy
of February 2018, where the agrifood field as one of the five priority fields and the importance of the water resources protection and, on the other hand, in the Spanish Water Technological Platform.