Dentro desta sublínea distínguense á súa vez dúas sublíneas:

  • Pollution in aquatic ecosystems

This line is supported by the previous experience of the BV1 group researchers in the study of wetlands, especially in the role of the wetlands in the global biogeochemical cycle of pollutants transferred to aquatic ecosystems from ground means (soils) and from the atmosphere (for instance, Hg or polycyclic aromatic compounds)

  • Advanced analytical methods

This research line tries to develop highly sensitive and selectivity analytical techniques which enables to identify and quantify different nature pollutants (heavy metals, antibiotics, nutrients, COPs…) at trace range, and that provide possible information. Our experience is based in research projects in the framework of tracking the levels and origins of nitrates in waters using isotope analysis techniques developed by the group AA1, and from pesticides in the environment of intensive agriculture areas.

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