Synthesis, Structure and Simulation

General Data

Coordinator: Mª Magdalena Cid Fernández

Date: 27/07/2011

Code: QO3

Contact Data

Address: Faculty of Chemistry (campus of Vigo, Lagoas-Marcosende) and Faculty of Sciences (Ourense).

Phone: 986 813 563



Technological Offer

Offered services
  • Preparation of (a)chiral organic compounds. Characterization via spectroscopic techniques.
  • Preparation of synthetic receptors for relevant biomolecules. Applicability as chemical sensors.
  • Synthesis of lyotropic chiral liquid crystals with potential usage in NMR.
  • General molecular modeling.
  • Study of reaction mechanisms for the optimization of chemical processes (lowering reaction barriers, achieving/enhancing regio or stereoselectivity, etc.).
  • Catalyst design and optimization.
  • Molecular dynamics/multiscale methods for the study of chemical/ biological systems or materials.
  • Prediction/optimization of spectroscopic properties.