Sustainable Processes and Products Engineering and Management

The group’s projection area is the sustainable processes engineering, the EcoDesign of products and the environmental management. The activity is aimed to productive sectors (industrial, farming, etc.) and to Environmental Consultancy and Environmental Administration (environmental evaluation of MTDs products; Environmental footprint and LCA of services, processes and products; Assessment of health and environmental risk – Environmental Responsibility).

General Data

Coordinator: Enrique Roca Bordello


Code: GI-2058

Contact Data


Phone: 981 547 000 (Ext 16774)



Technological Offer

Services offered:

  • Environmental risk management (ERA) of prior pollutants associated to products and resources and waste management.
  • Environmental impacts/loads of processes and products.
  • Pollutants fate, acumulation and exposition model development. Scenarios modelling for environmental risk assessment.
  • Development and integrative approaches of environmental assessment tools (Ecological Footprint, LCA, ERA, MEFA, etc) applying Multicriteria Analysis Tools.
  • Sustainable Processes and Products Development (EcoDesign).