Environmental Agrobiology

General Data

Coordinator: Manuel Joaquín Reigosa Roger

Date: 29/04/2005

Code: BEV1

Contact Data

Address: Faculty of Biology Block A, 2nd floor Office LI16 / Mailbox 163 University Campus 36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)

Phone: 986 812 616

Email: mreigosa@uvigo.es

Web: https://bidi.uvigo.gal/gl/grupo/agrobioloxia-ambiental-calidade-solos-e-plantas

Technological Offer

Offered services

  • Analysis and fertility studies in agricultural soils.
  • Analysis of pollutants in soil.
  • Analysis of soil and plant quality.
  • Residue analysis.
  • Studies of contaminated soil remediation.
  • Studies of waste soil application.
  • Studies improved crop quality.
  • Studies of improved fertility of agricultural soils.
  • Micropropagation of woody species.
  • Somatic embryogenesis in woody species (in particular Galician vine cultivars).
  • Generation of new vine genotypes through the isolation of spontaneous mutants by somatic embryogenesis.
  • Genetic analysis using molecular markers (microsatellites, standard AFLPs and modified AFLPs) with various applications, in particular varietal characterization and somaclonal variation analysis.
  • Ploidy analysis by flow cytometry with various applications including varietal characterization and somaclonal variation analysis.
  • Gene expression analysis by quantitative PCR (Real-Time PCR).
  • Histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical analyzes in plant tissues by light, electron and fluorescence microscopy.