The University, as an agent of knowledge generation and transfer, must approach society by the dissemination and transfer, being this one of its main challenges. The transfer to all audiences of the generated knowledge, the awareness of the impact and profitability of the research work in all the fields, and the raise of the scientific culture in society, which must be considered priority strategic objectives in any public university.

In this sense, the CITACA, as part of the University of Vigo, and according to its communication and dissemination plan, has its web page as a portal for promoting the dissemination activities carried out the parts of the Strategic Cluster, in order to guarantee a bigger impact for their activities.

  • Seminar Vine somatic embryogenesis, taught by Manuel Rey Fraile, Senior Lecturer in Plant Biology in the University of Vigo, in the Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino (Institute of Grapevine and Wine Sciences) (ICVV: Government of La Rioja, the Spanish National Research Council and the University of La Rioja), on May 24, 2019.

  • Video which shows the relevance of pollinators as pollinating vectors in crops. The rapid spread experienced by the agriculture in the last decades to respond to the humanity demographic growth is creating a uniform landscape with problems of low productivity, loss of biodiversity and plagues. This new landscape, more homogeneous, affects the quality of the pollination services needed by the crops. In this sense, sustainable and respectful practices with the environment will be of common benefit.

    This video has been produced by the Agri-food Research and Transfer Cluster in the Campus da Auga (CITACA), funded by the Department of Education, University and Vocational Training of the Xunta de Galicia, with the support of the projects CYTED 417RT0527 and CYTED 418RT0555.

    Further information in the Divulgare web page.