The Steering Committee is conformed by the Director/Coordinator and the officers of the Executive and Scientific Committees.

Its functions are:

  • Passing the annual activity report.
  • Planning and boosting the relations with the Advisory Committee.
  • Planning and annual meeting with the Governing Council.
  • Establishing the Technical Secretariat competences.
  • This Committee receives advice of the Advisory Committee conformed by representatives of the main agrifood and environmental ecosystem agents, and has a function to define and transfer to the cluster the agrifood and environmental sector needs. In addition to other possible entities or companies which can be studied by the Steering Committee, the Rivers Minho and Sil Water Authority, the INORDE and CLUSAGA should be reference parts in the Advisory Committee due to their direct relation with the socio-economic sectors linked to each of the three cluster’s defined research lines.

    The Director/Coordinator, as cluster’s representative, holds the following functions:

    • Leading and coordinating the Steering Committee meetings.
    • Drafting the annual activity report.
    • Retracing the Technical Secretariat tasks.
    • The CITACA Technical Secretariat is supported by the management units of the University of Vigo, both the Research Support Service (through the national and autonomic public calls), and the R&D Office, on its internationalisation and transfer units.

      This Technical Secretariat works as the group manager and has the following functions:

      • Carrying out the cluster’s administrative management.
      • Commercialising the cluster’s scientific-technological services
      • Drafting and submitting the European projects reports.
      • This Technical Secretariat is conformed by two technicians: one specialised in communication and transference as well as management and administration and another focused in the CITACA internationalisation.