The Scientific Committee is conformed by the Main Researchers of the research groups and organised in three Work Comission according to the research lines in the Cluster.

The Working Commissions are:

  • Working commission of the research line “Water and soil: water resources protection”.
  • Working commission of the research line “Sustainable primary production”.
  • Working commission of the research line “Food safety and quality: competitiveness and sustainability”.
  • The main functions of the Scientific Committee focus on:

    • Planning the cluster’s research and innovation scientific strategy.
    • Coordinating the possible projects of each research lines.
    • Performing an annual self evaluation and suggest improvement mechanism to the Steering Committee.
    • Planning regular meetings with the Steering Committee of the Cluster 1 “Food, Environment and ICT” in the Campus da Auga.
    • Planning and managing the contact with the External International Scientific Committee.
    • This Committee is directly support by the International Scientific Committee, composed of persons of international recognised standing in the agrifood and environmental fields, and has, among others, the following functions:

      • Evaluating the cluster’s strategy.
      • Answering queries of the Steering Committee.
      • Advising and performing recommendations for the cluster.
      • Clicking in the following link you can access to the Scientific Committee meetings minutes. The access is limited to the CITACA staff.